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Those people who have never been actively involved either in home or gardening improvement and decoration often believe that these processes are so time-, money-, and energy-consuming that the game is not really worth the candles. In fact, one can make both occupations easy and enjoyable with the presence of high-quality home and garden tools. This articles aims to share with you two list of garden and home tools that can help any amateur to achieve great results.

Garden tools

1) Clearing garden tools. The biggest problem of any gardener is an overgrown and abandoned garden. That is why the first thing you need in your collection is clearing tools like a billhook saw. Opt for rust-resistant models.

2) Digging shovels. A couple of digging shovels are your best friends. Remember that the welded-steel constructions is more durable than wood. The wider step plate is, the less pressure you have on your foot.

3) Edging Spade. This instrument is universal indeed: you can cut roots, slice turf neatly, scrape soil of a sidewalk, and do a lot of other things. You can also use it for regular planting. Look for the one with a rubber foot pad that reduces shoes damage and fatigue.

4) Loppers. Have you ever cut branches that are thinker than your finger? In this case you know that this task is challenging and sometimes painful indeed. With a good lopper, you can easily deal with thick branches due to the increased leverage, which increases your cutting power.

5) Pruners. When you go to your garden to get rid of deadhead flowers or to cut pliable stems, bypass pruners will be perfect.

6) Pruning saw. Pruning saws are perfect when you have to work in tight spaces where larger saws can be really uncomfortable to use. At the same time, it does not prevent them to cut stems the size of an average arm.

7) Leaf rake. Don’t get mistaken by the name! Leaf rakes can collect a lot of more garbage than just leaves. Moreover, they cover quite a bit territory in no time at all!

Home tools

So, what about home tools that will be the same useful as those garden tools we have already covered? Here are some for your consideration:

1) Screwdriver. There is a huge variety of them but for basic home purposes you can have a universal one, with several heads that you can swap depending on the purpose.

2) Hammer. The best choice is a basic, smooth-faced, clawed hammer of the medium weight and size. If you are not planning to build a house with it, its capacities will be sufficient for solving everyday tasks.

3) Wrenches. It is recommendable to have several wrenches at home (such as open-end wrench, Allen wrench, socket wrench, adjustable wrench, etc.), because every of them serves a particular purpose that cannot be performed by any other. However, you should first think if you will really ever use them before making a purchase.

4) Pliers. There exist thousands of various models. However, if you are not a professional, the ones you need are needle-nose pliers, culling pliers, and slip-joint pliers – that you be totally enough for your collection.

5) Utility knife. Such knives are very sharp and functional, especially for precision cutting. First, concentrate on choosing the material and then select between a retractable and a foldable one. The matter of convenience does not diminish the quality in this case.

6) tape measure and level. Those two are crucial. Choose them by the material they are made of (the more durable it is – the better). Both will give you a perfect opportunity to estimate the evenness of any surface as well as its accurate length.

7) Stud finder. The basic one will satisfy you perfectly as it will should you all the metal and wood studs in the walls that you would gave never noticed otherwise. Our recommendation is not to go for expensive models as all the functionality you really need is already there.

There are the most commonly used garden and home tools for today. Do not lose time and order all of them right now!

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